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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Jan 30, 2019

Olivier de Richoufftz has been President of Business Families Foundation since 2014. For the previous decade, he was the CEO of the Family Business Network International. Under Olivier de Richoufftz’s leadership, thirty family business owners’ associations representing over 7,000 family businesses have been started around the world. Olivier de Richoufftz has a deep passion for helping family businesses realize their potentials and roles in society. Prior to his current work, Olivier de Richoufftz spent 20 years in the tourism industry in the public and private sectors. His experience includes developing and guiding tourism international strategies for entities including the Alsace Tourist Board, the French Riviera Convention & Visitors bureau, Euro Disney Resort and France Tourism. In addition to his career achievements, de Richoufftz has participated in humanitarian missions to Lebanon, Ethiopia, Armenia and Crimea and had a leading role in the creation of the NGO "Tourism for development”. He is a board member of Mission Enfance.