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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Oct 1, 2020

Scott believes the future of wealth management includes the advisor’s ability to identify, appreciate and grow their client’s “Uncountable Wealth”. The Rands Advisory Team engages with professionals and business leaders responsible for decisions regarding significant amounts of capital in all its forms; financial, human and social. Although Total Wealth Planning, Portfolio Management and Tax- efficient strategy are the traditional drivers of their client relationships, their value intensifies for those curious about their human and social capital needs. By exploring opportunities for enhanced governance, improved family dynamics, harmonious business succession and a lasting philanthropic legacy Scott and his team, endeavour to give meaning to the term “wealth” beyond just a number on a page.

Scott has a BA in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. He holds the Chartered Investment Manager designation and has obtained both the Options and Portfolio Management licenses from the Canadian Securities Institute. Most recently, he has acquired the Family Enterprise Advisor designation from the Family Enterprise xChange (FEX, formerly the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors).

In his community, Scott serves on the Board of Directors for the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation and is on the planned giving committee of the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation.  He lives in Toronto with his wife, Allison, three sons and family pet Milo, the Ganaraskan.