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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

May 1, 2019

Mike Sergeant helps business leaders tell powerful stories. I coach top executives to become charismatic and authentic public speakers. He runs media training for some of the most successful international companies. I am the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of PR for Humans.

Right now Mike has his dream job: travelling the world, inspiring leaders and helping them reach their audiences. This brings together my twin passions - storytelling and business. Best of all, he gets to help some of the most intelligent and interesting people on the planet.

Sometimes people ask him WHY he left a successful career as an international TV journalist (Reuters, Sky News and the BBC) to become a coach, speaker and trainer. WHY did he leave the security of working for a successful PR agency? WHY did he set up his own consultancy?

Simply because for him it's the most fascinating job in the world. He get to be a keynote speaker at leading industry conferences. He gets to appear in the media and help others do so too. He gets to write books, host podcasts and (this is the best bit) help people through the moments of maximum stress and pressure. He helps them deliver powerful performances and craft PR strategies that work.

His life's work is rooted in the following values: INVESTING (in myself and my closest relationships), PROVIDING (for my family by producing more than I will ever consume), LEARNING (always stretching my mind), NOURISHING (myself with good food and water), TIDYING (having a clear, unclutterd life), APPRECIATING (the beauty of the world) and TRAINING (for the strength i need)