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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Apr 24, 2019

Joshua Nacht is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group, and works with business families to leverage their strengths by focusing on effective governance, communication, and transitions. He is adept at working with multigenerational families to integrate diverse perspectives and create strong ownership groups by developing structured plans for continuity.

Drawing up a complementary mix of experiences from his roles as a consultant, steward, and scholar to family enterprises, Joshua connects well with people, and he highly values the collaborative relationships and trust that are built in his work with business families. He is an active family business owner and served as a married-in, third generation family member on the Board of Directors of the 75-year old Cleveland based Bird Technologies. In addition, he is a second-generation owner of a real estate development and management company in Edwards, Colorado. 

Joshua is an active collaborator and thought leader in the field and is a co-author of numerous articles. He has presented on a range of issues including next-generation leadership development, having multiple roles, incorporating married-ins, and creating generational cohorts. His new book Family Champions and Champion Families explores the value of family leaders in creating enduring business family success.

In 2015, he earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems with a focus on family-enterprise. Joshua’s dissertation research, “The Role of the Family Champion” investigated leadership within the ownership group of business families and won the “Best Dissertation Award” from the Family Firm Institute in 2016. Prior to his doctorate, Joshua led wilderness skills trips and worked as a counselor with individuals and families.