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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Sep 13, 2022

Moe Vela joins this week's episode with Francesco Lombardo to discuss the power of identity, and how self-expression leads to purpose in family business. Coming from a family of legacy, a family of pioneers, and growing up in the midst of expectation and responsibility, Moe shares with us his journey as a NxtGen living through trauma and moving towards a journey of healing. Moe's advice to all NxtGen listeners is, "you can either live your life based on what others want you to do, or you can march to the beat of your own drum, thereby enhancing and expanding your family legacy."
Moe has now made American History as the first Hispanic LGBT American to serve twice in the White House in a Senior Executive role. Most recently as the Director of Management and Deputy Chief of Staff to Joe Biden. Now working as an attorney, entrepreneur, and now co-executive producing and co-starring in a new business reality show called Unicorn Hunters. 
In this soulful dialogue, Francesco and Moe break down the devastating side-effects of living an authentic life and the struggle to embrace oneself wholly. Moe shares his vulnerable story of survival and success, "knowing that by making myself vulnerable through authenticity, that is the only way I will have meaningful connections with other human beings, in business, and in my personal life". 
Moe's one piece of advice to the Senior and NxtGen…authentically be vulnerable, authentically be you, authentically love.