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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Oct 23, 2019

Terry Stuart is the Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte with a keen personal interest in mental health and the healing power of music. Growing up on a dairy farm in Simcoe, Ontario, Stuart’s love for music was kindled by his mother, Cynthia, whose encouragement through piano lessons, playing in bands and choirs, and trips to the symphony sparked the musical fire within. An inspiring music teacher, Hugh McArthur, helped build on his passion. Two years DJing in Wales at the United World College of the Atlantic fanned the flames as Stuart gained an appreciation for global music from his classmates from around the world.

Terry started to question why prescription medication is the only solution to depression and anxiety. He dove into the study of how music can also heal the mind. So, he wrote a book called The Awesome Music Project where there are over 100 case studies on how music heals and inspires.