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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Oct 2, 2019

Dr. Bryn became a wellness enthusiast at age 23 and enrolled in naturopathic school. Soon after graduating as a naturopathic doctor Dr. Bryn felt a calling to become a holistic medical doctor and entered medical school. She completed her residency in family medicine in 2014 and has been practising in Vancouver, Canada ever since.

As the parent of 7 year old twin boys, the inspiration to be at her best physically, mentally and emotionally was quickly realized. The purpose behind this realization was so that she could fulfill her purpose and nurture the health of individuals and their families. Dr. Bryn also sees first hand how the health of each individual in the family impacts the family unit and all generations of the family.

Dr. Bryn nurtures the health of ultra high net worth individuals and their families. She holds her clients’ close so that she can meet their unique needs and be a holistic concierge family doctor. Her purpose is to provide support and guidance so that her clients can realize their full potential and have tremendous impact in their life and businesses. Her practise provides the utmost confidence in cutting edge medical treatments and specialists.

Personally her focus is on her husband, sons, extended family and close friends, while celebrating being in the midst of nature and outdoor activities. She is fully committed to the art and science of enduring health and wellness.