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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Aug 7, 2019

Dena Mekawi is a first generation Egyptian Muslim American living in New York. She ran for Miss Arab USA 2013 when she realized she wanted to be the voice for underrepresented communities. Dena then went on to work at Oprah Magazine, where she was able to use self-expression of fashion and editorial to celebrate her individuality. Ms. Mekawi has struggled with her own identity, as well as self-esteem issues that stemmed from the media that she consumed. She now uses her experience of self-discovery as an Arab American to work collectively, creating space for culture diversity. Dena has been chosen as a representative to the United Nations NGO, DGC which compliments her work as a Social Entrepreneur. 

Dena Mekawi curates creative communication strategies, & partnerships to engage brands, advertisers and high profile individuals to create impact messages, using the power of their influence with a creative approach through her company, Style & Resilience. Ms.Mekawi works with family offices on identifying projects that have impact on the economy, as well as for humanity. 

Ms. Mekawi has advised several United Nations Agencies, and has worked with private sector to create strategic communication strategies and partnerships. Ms.Mekawi was chosen to moderate International Day Of Peace 2016 along side notable Goodwill ambassadors, DiCaprio, Stevie Wonder, and former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, Ms. Mekawi was also personally recognized by Michael Douglas.