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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Mar 20, 2019

Peter Begalla is the Conference and Education Director for Family Business Magazine and Directors & Boards Magazine, a consultant to multi-generational family enterprises, and has over 13 years teaching experience in Family Business Dynamics at the undergraduate level.    

Peter manages six annual conferences that focus on Family Enterprise Dynamics, Governance and Wealth.  The conferences brings together multi-generational family enterprises so they can share their stories, learn from each other and develop practices that will sustain the family enterprise for generations.    

Peter works directly with family enterprises on family governance, leadership succession, family dynamics, and next gen development.   Each engagement is tailored to the needs of the family and often includes multiple approaches such as strategic planning, meeting facilitation, multi-step consultations and custom workshops.    

As a past Visiting Lecturer in Family Business at Stetson University, Peter is at the forefront of Next Generation Leadership Development, having helped hundreds of college aged students establish credibility and marketability with their family, with their family business and non-family employers.   Classes included Managerial Issues in Family Business: Harnessing the strategic value of family, and Personal & Professional Leadership Development in the Family Business.