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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

May 11, 2021

Patrick and Francesco discuss the importance of family members being able to speak the truth with each other. How this creates the path for impact and freedom of expression.

Patrick Tsang is Chairman of Tsangs Group, a fourth-generation China-focused Single Family Office from Hong Kong. Patrick invests in various companies with a positive influence and positive impact.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom with deeply-rooted Chinese heritage, he has a robust global network as a seasoned investor.

He has worked on numerous IPO and M&A transactions globally and has successfully made investments in Asia, mainly in Hong Kong and China, North America, and Europe. Patrick holds several prestigious appointments, including the Trade Commissioner of Grenada in Macau, to promote international business and investment.

A graduate from the College of Law in England, Patrick is a qualified solicitor in Hong Kong, England, and Wales. As a philanthropic advocate, he is a Young Fellow of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award World Fellowship and past President of the Rotary E-Club of Hong Kong. Notable acknowledgments include being awarded the China Economic Person of the Year during the China Economic Development Forum in 2014. Patrick is an international keynote speaker on China, finance, technology, fintech, blockchain, AI, and leadership.

Patrick's life motto is Anything is Possible; the title of his motivational web series featuring some of the most influential people worldwide, who generously share their insights on their road to success.

Anything is Possible is aimed towards the younger generation as a movement to share positivity, overcome challenges, and create One World.