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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Jun 12, 2019

Craig West is a strategic accountant and the CEO of Succession Plus which is a specialised advisory practice focused on small business owners to help them manage the four key strategic issues that SME's face as they grow - Raising Capital, Building Equity, Protecting that equity and extracting the value you have built when you exit.

Craig is a CPA and has been advising businesses in management, taxation and accounting issues for over 15 years. He specialises in business structuring and succession planning and has had extensive experience working with clients to improve their financial performance - with proven results.

Craig has conducted numerous seminars and presentations throughout Australia for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, MLC, L J Hooker, the NSW Department of State & Regional Development, NSW Chamber of Commerce and CPA Australia. He is an accredited advisor with Family Business Australia as well as sitting on FBA's NSW advisors committee and is a founding member of Thought Leaders.

Craig acts as a strategic business and financial mentor for business owners and has written three critically acclaimed books educating business owners on employee incentives, succession planning and asset protection. Craig has also recently been invited to complete a PhD in Business Succession Planning at Deakin University in Melbourne; is the President of the Australian Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute and one of only eleven people in Australia accredited as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor.