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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Mar 7, 2023

Join Francesco Lombardo for this week's Safe Space as he speaks with Torri Hawley, one of five next generation members in a successful 7th generation family enterprise.

Internal credibility is about ensuring that one's actions align with their values, while external credibility involves earning the trust and respect of others. For next-generation family members, establishing external credibility can be challenging, as they must prove themselves to be worthy of the business and navigate generational trauma.

Torri offers advice to those struggling with credibility issues, encouraging them to trust their instincts, act in a way that aligns with their values, and learn to be comfortable with discomfort. She also stresses the importance of healthy boundaries and the need to distance oneself from toxic relationships.

Ultimately, Torri emphasizes the need to believe in oneself and be sure of one's internal credibility, as this can help to navigate the challenges of generational family enterprises.


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