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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Aug 8, 2023

Join Francesco Lombardo for this week's Safe Space as he speaks with Felicia Heng, founder and managing director of Wise Purpose, a boutique consulting firm specializing in family wealth advisory, leadership coaching, and next-generation succession.

Felicia shares her diverse expertise in psychology, investments, and family governance, and sheds light on her work with families and the next generation, specifically focusing on the emotional aspects of inheritance and succession.
The conversation delves into the profound impact of sudden deaths and accidents on succession planning, and addresses how narratives related to money and wealth play a crucial role in shaping the emotional journey of individuals involved in the succession process.

Felicia’s advice to the Senior and NxtGen…unpack the emotional journey from practical aspects of succession, inheritance, and family business transitions, as clarity in separate narratives allows for better alignment; recognize that this is both an art and a science, seeking support from independent professionals or networks with codified knowledge; and start discussions earlier when everyone is healthier and less stressed, recognizing the importance of time in addressing complex matters, and embracing the proverb that the best time to act was 20 years ago, and the next best time is now.

To contact Felicia Heng, reach out to her at
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