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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Apr 10, 2019

Being half Greek, half Swiss, Konstantina lived in various countries, got a BA in Film Studies & French and ultimately taught  kindergarten.  It’s there where she witnessed children indulging in their dreams and acting in all their magnificence.  What she realizes now is that a coach does exactly what kids do naturally. They inspire you, they speak their truth, challange you and love unconditionally.  Konstantina is passionate about assisting her clients to see their own magnificence and potential! She strongly believes that we all have a unique individual system like no other and it’s our birth right to go beyond our wildest expectations and explore and expand on it!!

In 1928 her grandfather established their family Business, now in it’s fifth generation.  His commitment, ability to create something from nothing, and build on opportunities, has always inspired her to do the same. After she attended a Harvard course, introducing her to Family Business concepts in 2007, Konstantina participated in several international Family Business forums. The impact her grandfather’s journey, as well as this course, had on her was profound and led her to pursuing a career in coaching.

Her vision is to spread the principles of Family Business Coaching and make CTI’s Co-Active® Model accessible to more people. At the heart of this is an intention to take Co-Active® coaching into schools and organizations so that it can empower future generations to speak their truth and come together in new collaborative ways.