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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Aug 1, 2023

Join Francesco Lombardo for this week's Safe Space as he speaks with Julie Charlestein, a fourth-generation President and CEO with Premier Dental.

Julie shares the inspiring journey of the business, which started with her grandfather, Julius Charlestein, who was a dental instrument sharpener and eventually evolved into a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative dental consumables.

Julie and Francesco discuss the importance of having governance structures and a board of directors in place to ensure the business's continuity and success. They highlight the value of open communication and the concept of a "safe space" within family businesses, which is vital for addressing challenges and fostering growth.

Julie’s one piece of advice to the Senior and NxtGen…there has to be a mutual level of respect and sometimes that's a challenge. Under everything, there needs to be a reciprocal respect. Irrespective of the others' views.


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