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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Mar 13, 2019

Strongly driven by adventure and an intense curiosity in people and geographies Calum has spent extended periods of the last 25 years challenging himself in hostile, non-permissive environments throughout the globe. Often isolated from any external support or assistance, Calum undertook to understand himself and others, thereby developing specific skills to establish rapport, build relationships and facilitate lasting change.   

Calum occupied much of his late teens/early twenties rock and ice climbing, mountain running and organising expeditions before joining the Royal Marines as an Officer, leaving after eight years for a Foreign Office secondment to isolated areas of the Caucuses Mountains. 

He has lived by his own wit and endeavour since – starting and selling two small companies, working for and on behalf of multinationals, IGO’s, governments and privately held businesses; often to mentor and assist senior management teams in developing strategies to improve performance. While Managing Director of a security company in Slovakia employing 1200 people he had a profound realisation that his compelling interest was the people he interacted with rather than the process of business. 

Calum founded the Extraordinary Adventure Club to share his experiences, leveraging his network and background to create transformational journeys of personal growth for his clients. The basis of his personal philosophy and methodology is a pragmatic application of developed experience, complemented and balanced by an understanding of the underlying principles and theory. His proudest achievement is finding the thread of himself and its exploration. 

Calum lives in the Scottish Highlands with his wife and their three daughters.  He loves any activity that gets him outside, except gardening.