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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Sep 14, 2021

In part two, Vinayak Dhingra and Francesco discuss the challenges that arise when a NxtGen enters the family business.    

How can a parent see their child as an adult working in the business and not the child they once were?

How can generations learn to work together and support the long term sustainability of the family business?

How can NxtGen be properly equipped to transition from the formal education to the practical integration of a family business?

These are questions that are addressed by Kin and Kith, a NxtGen preparedness program created by NxtGen for NxtGen.

The wish Vinayak has for the future: Advisors be in this space NOT for the money, but the impact you could have on family businesses".  

A bold, true statement by a NxtGen committed to his peers and family businesses globally.