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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Dec 21, 2021

In this the third of a three part interview, Elena Zafirova and Francesco discuss the future of NxtGen education and the importance of creating a uniquely tailored learning experience to each individual.

Francesco also reminded us of the three pillars of "preparedness" and Elena shared her views that the future of NextGen education will be human-centered, meaning being built for NxtGen by NxtGen.

Elena role models by being the example of what preparedness is by sharing her individual journey, which lead to starting DIONZ, a NextGen members community offering unique learning experiences.This was due to lack of finding what she needed in the current system. 

Advice for senior generations: invite the NxtGen from an early age to the dialogue and take them seriously. Today, they may offer a more relevant view as the world is moving fast and they are current and conscious. 

Advice for NxtGen: don't allow yourself to get locked into a rigid way of thinking and therefore being, build a practice and an ecosystem around you that serve you to prosper.